3/11/23: As there have been no movements of equipment in the last year,
we are no longer accepting any more, and are indeed now disposing of our stock.
This webpage will disappear when the disposals are complete.
We thank our past donors for their kindness.

We ARE, however, continuing to offer loans of the two wheelchairs.
Also, second-hand equipment is available at 
the Benjamin Foundation's
Ipswich Re-use Shop at Foxhall Recycling Centre, IP10 0HT.


See the blog explaining the terms under which the pieces of assistance equipment shown below are on offer.

You can also download a simple list by clicking here.  From time to time, it may differ slightly from the items below, which ARE correct.

(Quite separately, the "Wheelchair for Snape" remains available to borrow too — click here for information.)

If ANY of this is of interest to you, and you are within the Alde River Benefice/"Ebb and Flow" area, please contact us at Snape Good Neighbours.

We also co-operate, in respect to assistance equipment, with the Leiston Good Neighbour Scheme, and 
IP17GNS who "support people in Saxmundham, Kelsale, Carlton, Benhall and Sternfield".


[3]  blue Hoppa
  [4]  new shower-stool (still in its wrapping)
seat width: 14½"    overall width: 21½"

height-to-seat adjustable 19½" to 25½"
  [5]  shower-stool (with large sticky rubber feet)
(18½" wide)
    [17] identical model as above, but used
added 26/9/21


[6]  bath-board (27” wide; adjustable 9½”-15½”)   [7]  tripod walking-stick


[11]  Geemarc Combi-photo 295 corded and cordless phones
with answering machine PLUS a third handset
  [12]  key-turning aid


[13]  black shopping-trolley       [15]  Days 501EL aluminium
        adjustable-height toilet-surround frame
max. weight 125Kg (19½ stone)



[16]  several Coopers elbow-crutches
(both right-hand & left — keep or loan)




[19] Homecraft adjust-height
commode (used one week only:
max 165kg/25¾ stone) 1/10/21



[W2] Our "Wheelchair 2" requires an
attendant to push it, but weighs only
10 kg (22 lb) — even lighter than our
"wheelchair for Snape", yet the same
capacity of up to 115 kg (18 stone),
and likewise available on short or
medium-term loan to anyone in the
Alde River Benefice / "Ebb & Flow"
area.  It is NOT available to keep.
A similar model is illustrated above.