The Regional Transport Hub supports people who may find that, because they can no longer drive or have never driven, they are lonely and isolated, and would appreciate free individual advice on their local area, considering their accessibility needs.

Hub staff will contact the person and establish how they are managing travel in their life, and will then look to support them through difficulties they may be experiencing.  The Regional Transport Hub staff can then advise the person utilising their knowledge and access to a wide range of resources, such as —


    Information on accessible bus, coach, rail, boat and air travel
    Journey planning, concessions and permit schemes
    The blue badge parking scheme and accessible parking
    Rights as a disabled traveller
    Accessible attractions and destinations
    Suitable activities and groups in the person’s area
    Community transport such as Dial-A-Ride
    Shop Mobility
    Accessible taxis
    Wheelchair and mobility scooter support
    Ways to reduce loneliness and isolation


For further information, visit https://www.eastangliandriveability.org.uk/about-us/